Monday, September 24, 2007

What the Hell Is In There?

The Bag: YSL Oversized Muse, 2 lbs. Empty
What's Inside

1. LV Pouchette: Yeah, I know I carry a purse with in a purse, but this bag was made to go inside of another bag, not to carry around by itself.
2. Cashmere Cardigan: I get cold year round, especially in the Summer when everyone has the air conditioning cranked up.
3. Makeup Bag
4. Misc Bag: Yeah this one is going to be hard to explain...
5. Phone

LV Pochette: Stuff I can't leave the house without.

1. Keys
2. Cigarette Case-holds money, ID, CC, Metro Card, and Library Card
3. Altoids
4. Chapstick
5. Business Cards
6. Random Change
7. Cigarettes and Lighter, Yeah I know, I know, eventually, don't give me shit about this.

Makeup Bag: Cause you never know when you have to get pretty

1. Various Makeup Brushes/eyelash comb
2. Concealer
3. Bare Minerals Foundation
3. Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo
4. Various Lip Glosses
5. Various Mascaras
6. Eyeliner
7. Lipstick
8. Perfume Samples
9. Oil Blotters (not pictured)

Misc Bag: Because you never know when you will need it

1. Camera Bag/Camera
2. Altoids
3. Extra Makeup Brushes
4. Baby Wipes
5. Stain Remover
6. Fingernail Files
7. Headache Medicine/Allergy Med
8, Eyedrops
9. Tissues (not pictured)


Sabrina said...

haha love the bag chica..!!! but thats alot of stuff to carry around!!!

gmgnyc said...

love the items in the bag csg but maybe you should add a little protection for those fantastic evenings on the town, just in case ;)