Saturday, September 29, 2007

IMJU Fiberwig Mascara

From Moyabean at Makeup Alley:

This mascara has multiple personalities and performs well only when it is somewhat dried out. My first tube was already partially dried out when I first opened it, hence my 5-star review (see below). However, my next 2 tubes have been much moister, and due to the moistness, the fibers won't attach to my lashes. So, I have to wait a couple of months for the tubes to dry out before I can get the amazing lash lengthening I was hoping to get right away. 5 stars? No way. It's 5 star only when it works, which apparently isn't all the time.
5-star review, but only when the tube is a bit dried out:
As I write this, I have a few lashes that have been lengthened a full 5 mm. Yes, it is that good.
WHAT IT IS: Basically, it's a "tube" type of mascara with very fine long fibers that somehow attach just right to your lashes to create really incredible lengthening.
MY LASHES: long, medium-coarse, stick-straight Asian lashes of average thickness that are easily weighed down
BEST FOR: those who are looking for serious length, and maybe a small amount of thickening.
BEST WAY TO APPLY: The best way to get a non-clumpy, falsie look is to apply only from the glob of mascara at the end of the wand, rather than sweeping it on using the bristles. The glob seems to have the most fibers. I love to watch the glob deliver those tiny fibers and transform my lashes before my eyes. But, you have to patient, since you're basically applying to only a few lashes at a time. However, if you take the time to do this and also apply only to the tips, you'll see the best results. Also, do not allow it to dry between application attempts. Like all "tube" mascaras, a coat applied over a dry coat will cause clumping. Also, be warned that normal application techniques (where you sweep the bristles along the length of your lashes) gives less length. Normal application will give you more of a thickening effect that tends to clump and look very "'Tammy Faye."
PROS: With proper application, you really can lengthen your lashes by 40% or more. When a fiber hits just right, you can almost double your lash length! Also, since this is a "tube" type of mascara, it lasts and lasts and does not smudge, EVER. After a 30-hour travel day followed by 12 hours in high heat and humidity my lashes look exactly the way they did when I first applied. Best of all, it washes off easily with warm water, much like Kiss Me. Just apply very warm water, gently press, and the tubes fall off.
CONS: Fiberwig will clump your lashes together if you are not careful. It also tends to weigh lashes down, unless you apply it to the tips only. Finally, this product does not "age" well. It seems to dry out quickly. I've had my tube for 2 months and it is noticeably drier than it was when I got it, even with proper closure and storage. The problem this creates is that the glob at the end of the wand is getting smaller and smaller, and drier and drier, and it's therefore harder to get good lengthening. Note though, that I've had similar problems with other fiber mascaras.
OVERALL: A real winner. The first winner I've used after 25 years of trying different mascaras.

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