Thursday, September 20, 2007

Red Lipstick

Fall is here and I am so excited because not only is lipstick back, red lipstick is back and has a stronger presence than ever. There are few things that are as glamourous as red lipstick. Nothing like red lipstick and a pair of high heels to boost your confidence!

For daytime looks go with something a little more sheer. Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It has universally been hailed as the perfect color for every skin tone. If you have a cool or neutral skin tone try Ruby Melt if you can find it as Clinique doesn't make this color anymore. These colors may look scary coming out of the tube but they go on really sheer.

For a little more kick during the day try Lancome Juicy Tubes in Cherry Burst or for something less expensive try L'Oreal Color Juice. They are super shiny and stay on for a while considering they are lip glosses. I like to put my glosses on with a lip brush. That way you don't get a goopy mess all over your mouth.

My favorite look is for the evening. I love love love, my Hourglass Lipstick in ICON it makes my teeth look whiter, my face brighter, and I feel confident while I have it on. You just have to experiment at Sephora or a make-up counter until you have found the right color. I wouldn't recommend buying without trying on. Also, the formulas for designer lipsticks are better than drugstore lipstick. They are less likely to bleed and they last longer without drying out your lips. Brands to try Chanel Rouge Hydrabase and Estee Lauder All Day Lipstick .

A few tricks:
1. If you wear red you must wear lip liner. No not that kind of lipliner. A couple of years ago, lipliner got a bad rap with people wearing a dark liner/light lipstick. But, Revlon Colorstay Lipliner makes a clear lipliner that is invisible and keeps your lipstick from bleeding.
2. Use a Lip Brush. You have so much more control of where your color goes and you end up using less product.
3. Blot your lipstick and reapply.
4. So your lipstick doesn't get on your teeth, stick a finger in your mouth, create an "O" around it and pull your finger out.

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Another great red is lipstick Queen