Thursday, April 3, 2008

Style Worksheet

To find your style and to figure out how to start on your wardrobe, I created a style worksheet.

1.How would you describe your style?
Rockstars girlfriend, Feminine but not fussy, Sexy but not revealing, Polished boho.

2.Is this something you want to change?
I wish I could do a more everyday casual look for myself. But, my style suits me.

3.Give examples of people who's looks you like.
a. Jane Birkin
b. Marianne Faithfull
c. Kate Moss
d. Rachel Bilson

4.What are your best features that you would like to highlight?
Strong legs, Long neck, Narrow Hips

5.If you have flaws, what would you to address?
Wide waist and ribcage, Broad shoulders and back, Triangle body shape

6.What outfit makes you feel the best?
Woven cotton dress, 3” pumps, and a fabulous bag.

7.What do you feel the least comfortable wearing in public?
Knit Jersey and athletic sneakers

8.What are you lacking in your wardrobe?
Chic winter clothes

9.Do you have too much of something?
Too much denim!

10.Please rate in order of need what areas you need the most help
a.Casual Day
b.Casual Date
c.Casual Work
d.Conservative Work
e.Casual Night
g.Dressy Day
h.Dressy Night
i.Dressy Date

11.Do you have something to wear for each of these looks?

12.Do you have accessories to pull each of these looks together?

13.Go through your wardrobe with a friend and take out anything that doesn’t fit, needs to be mended or tailored, and anything that doesn’t make you feel good to wear.

14.Build upon the pieces you do have left after going through the worksheet.

15.Send me specific questions.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tea Tree Oil

Happy New Year! Well for the new year I have found a new HG product.

Here's my story: My friend Sarah recommended tea tree oil to another friend who had a really bad blemish. The morning after she put the oil on the blemish it had improved 100%. Well, a week later I have a killer breakout, none of my products are doing anything. Out of desparation I have even tried putting Neosporin on my blemishes. Then I remembered tea tree oil. I used it for two days morning and night after my regular skincare routine and my blemishes are gone!