Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tea Tree Oil

Happy New Year! Well for the new year I have found a new HG product.

Here's my story: My friend Sarah recommended tea tree oil to another friend who had a really bad blemish. The morning after she put the oil on the blemish it had improved 100%. Well, a week later I have a killer breakout, none of my products are doing anything. Out of desparation I have even tried putting Neosporin on my blemishes. Then I remembered tea tree oil. I used it for two days morning and night after my regular skincare routine and my blemishes are gone!

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Harmony said...

HG Product? What's that chica? Shows how much I know...

And then once you get your tea tree oil (Where do you get it? It sounds like something you'd get at Whole Foods?), how much do you apply, and how?

~ Harmony

p.s. I finally broke down and got bare minerals like you told me to, and I'm loving them!!